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Competition - Work From Home


Part of our minor project was competition entries. I chose this one from Archistart.


Roberto and Giulia live in a purpose built one-bedroom apartment. They collect mid-century modern furniture and have kitted the apartment out with original pieces from flea markets and estate sales.

Without making any structural changes, I propose that a Work-Form-Home situation could be easily accommodated using their existing fittings and furniture, and without losing the theme of the apartment.

The first option locates the work area next to the window and uses screening to separate the work area from the rest of the apartment without blocking out the light. Using Danish style furniture in similar materials means that the work space does not look out of place and blends with the living space.

The second option uses the separate bedroom as an office space and creates a studio apartment in the main space. This time, the bedroom is separated from the living area by the screen. Having the work space completely separate from the rest of the apartment allows the users to effectively “go” to work and close the door on the office at the end of the day. There is also space in this room for a casual meeting area should colleagues or clients need to be seen face-to-face.

Both options feature two workstations so that, should they both decide to work from home at the same time, then they can do so. They also have the option of working more casually from the couch with a laptop or sketchbooks.

pCon Planner / AutoCAD / Photoshop

WFH 1 OH.png
WFH 1 Plan View.png
WFH 1 Section.jpg

Option 1

WFH 1 Office.jpg
WFH 2 Plan View.png
WFH 2 OH.png
WFH 2 Office.jpg

Option 2

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